Meeting Your Needs for Professional Cyber Security Support to Maintain and Safeguard Your Digital Information and Assets

As more and more well known companies in America suffer increasingly expensive cyber attacks and data breaches, it has become important to have cyber security staff on hand to support and protect your organization from such attacks. Having professional staff in house can make a significant difference in both recognizing cyber attacks and proactively safeguarding against them through best practices.

Cyber Security Privacy can assist you in recruiting and training your cyber security staff to support and maintain databases, software, infrastructure and applications and protect your sensitive data.

Our staffing support services include:

  • Creating cyber security job descriptions and skill requirements
  • Interfacing with recruitment agencies and working hands-on to find and recruit talent
  • Training (link to page) on site

We specialize in providing cyber security staffing solutions where your staff can provide your organization with important cyber security support such as:

  • desktop and computer support
  • installation and maintenance of security protocols and frameworks
  • testing and troubleshooting concerns with service desk support
  • IT asset inventory and reconciliation
  • IT training and proactive management
  • knowledge management
  • cyber security protocols and best practices