Penetration Tests

We exploit, before someone else does...

CSP certified penetration testers perform application penetration testing, infrastructure penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, social engineering and wireless scanning. Our aim is to identify vulnerabilities in your system – before hackers do. Exploiting a vulnerability is a very common area for hackers to attempt authorized access to your systems.

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Penetration Testing

Figure out how attackers can access your systems and environment to launch cyber attacks in your network

One of the biggest security concerns facing companies today is unauthorized access to data and networks. This breach can occur through vulnerabilities in existing applications, devices, systems and networks. An initial vulnerability assessment offers an overview and quick evaluation of gaps in your security. However, further testing is required to simulate and understand how an attacker would access your company data and networks.

At Cyber Security Privacy, we use our proven methodology from years of fighting cyber attacks to detect and remediate gaps in your security protocols and frameworks. Below is the high-level 7 step process that use for all organizations.

Our step-through methodology consists of 6 main phases after the type of test is selected. Blackhat, Grayhat, or Whitehat.

We approach each company as a unique entity with unique concerns to address. We discuss all of our test results with you our client and then provide you with a tailored solution that you can implement.

When you work with us, we will assist you in achieving the following:

  • Validating both internal and external security controls. This includes protections around high-value systems.
  • Manual testing simulations.
  • Satisfying compliance needs such as PCI 3.x, FFIEC and HIPAA.
  • Testing users on both your external and internal networks.
  • Simulating real-world threats via social engineering.
  • Testing your response and detection capabilities

Evaluate critical applications, determine best course of action, put remedial measures in place and lower risk.

Through our effective and comprehensive application security testing process, you will gain swift knowledge of the state of your applications. We will identify areas of concern where your organizational data and assets may be at risk. We will help you secure your web applications and web APIs. From web and mobile applications to external and internal applications, we got you covered.

Our team of expert security consultants will analyze and then recommend guidelines to address any security gaps and inadequate application controls. We will help you lower security risks. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your sensitive applications, identify gaps and provide steps and clear guidance on how to improve your organization’s application security.

Through our application security testing, you will be able to gain full knowledge of how your systems work and determine where any sensitive or private data is stored in your applications. You will be educated enough to know what areas of your applications require more security protocols and proactive measures to safeguard data. This knowledge extends beyond in house apps to also third-party apps that access data and work with your existing systems.

We will help you prioritize resources so you can lower risks posed by security gaps and any risks that were previously not identified or addressed.

Ensure that your data flow, back end infrastructure and mobile apps are secure and compliant

Over the last two years, mobile usage via smartphones and tablet devices has surpassed desktop and laptop usage in the United States and Canada. This transition to mobility is apparent throughout the workforce with employees, owners, C-suite executives, shareholders and customers all accessing data and information 24/7 via mobile devices from locations beyond offices and daytime hours. This increased mobility has also opened up a new host of cyber security concerns as hackers have mounted targeted attacks to just mobile users.

For any organization, having cyber security measures is essential. However, when your organization’s team relies upon and uses mobile devices significantly and mobile apps, your cyber security measures need to be even more comprehensive, planned out and executed well with regular updates.

At Cyber Security Privacy, we offer our clients extensive expertise and support for mobile app security testing to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches. Apps can be exploited at various junctures such as transit moments, when the app is sending or receiving information from a user, to backend usage where data is stored and collected. Some apps contain privacy and/or financial information. Keeping this data secure is paramount.

Protecting data on mobile devices and meeting information security regulations requires both knowledge of security protocols and best practices, as well as staying up to date on latest cyber security measures and regulations.

We provide a comprehensive Mobile Application Security Assessment service that helps you evaluate your app’s current security performance and any gaps in coverage. We then provide you with a prioritized list of recommendations that we can implement for you to lower security risks. We thoroughly examine and vet your solution from the app on the device to your backend systems and the network that the app connects to. We check the flow of data for vulnerabilities and provide actionable steps to safeguard your systems.

When you work with us, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having secure mobile apps.

  • Identifying security risks: We test your web apps for vulnerabilities and risks thoroughly.
  • Better app security: We help you manage any identified security risks and strengthen your security posture.
  • Making your app compliant: We help you ensure that your app meets regulatory requirements.
  • Support Team Extension: e act as an extension of your team.
Test and Secure your Web applications with the help of our Security Experts

Today web applications are a significant and essential aspect of business operations for most companies. However, using these productivity tools also requires greater security measures to prevent unauthorized access to data or cyber attacks.

Hence it is important to test your existing web applications for security and to identify and then prioritize any security vulnerabilities and threats your organization may face.

Whether your web application has been developed internally or by a third party, it is important that you check your security settings and that you meet compliance requirements for web application usage.

In our assessment and testing, we will provide you with clear steps to remediate any outstanding issues and lower risks posed by security gaps or vulnerabilities in the application or in supporting IT solutions.

We check to ensure that your web applications meet all recommendations by the Open Web Application Security Project(OWASP) for web applications. We help you identify any risks, come up with an executable plan to eliminate and reduce risks and proactively safeguard your organization.

Benefits of working with us to test your web app security include:

  • Identifying security risks: We test your web apps for vulnerabilities and risks thoroughly.
  • Better app security: We help you manage any identified security risks and strengthen your security posture.
  • Making your app compliant: We help you ensure that your app meets regulatory requirements.
  • Support Team Extension: e act as an extension of your team.
Assess Risks and Improve Your Security by Using Our Web Services Security Experts to Test and Secure your Web APIs

Our team of security experts will help you by identifying risks that your web services currently faces. We will test and secure your web APIs, thereby strengthening your security posture.

It is important to note that your web and mobile applications can only be as secure as the supporting backend systems you have in place. Cyber attacks often occur on the backend through APIs.

APIs offer connectivity between systems and business operations, enabling many organizations to harness software capabilities designed by other companies. APIs offer information for both your daily business transactions as well as e-commerce functionality and many other back-end support services.

It is essential that you secure your Web APIs as hackers often target these areas, looking for security holes and areas that they can breach. Web APIs often hold critical information from personal data to financial information. Hence, having a strong, security process in place is important to protect your data and assets from cyber attacks.

We provide comprehensive Web API Testing services through our team of certified security testing consultants. We check all your security protocols, devices, systems and networks as well as packages that are used to deliver any applications. We check your backend systems to ensure that you have reduced risks from hackers and safeguarded your web APIs.

When you work with Cyber Security Privacy, you can benefit from:

  • Clearly Identifying security risks: We test your Web Services and APIs thoroughly and identify any risks your systems face.
  • Improved API security: We will guide your team and also implement any necessary security measures.
  • Ensuring app compliance: We ensure that your apps meet regulatory requirements.
  • Savings over the long term: Through our team, you gain access to expertise quickly and efficiently, saving over the long term.

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