DevSecOps is a evolutionary development practice that can give your company the upper-hand in making sure the software you ship, is compliant, secure and safe.Its main goal is to introduce a framework that builds a bridge between fast and secure software development.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing services validate the security of your systems and applications by identifying and attempting to exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses. To be effective in safeguarding systems against attack, penetration testing should be performed on both the applications and the underlying supporting network and infrastructure.

Vulnerability Management

CSP Vulnerability Management Service “VMS” is designed to provide a comprehensive, Webdriven vulnerability management program that provides visibility into potential exposure areas within a distributed network environment.

Cloud Security & Design

Cloud Security by Design (sbD) is a security assurance approach that formalizes your cloud Identity design, automates security controls and auditing. This approach towards security ensures compliance at scale across multiple industries including healthcare, finance, pharmaceutical, and other highly regulated verticals regardless of what cloud you have investments on.