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Founded by leading security experts, We’ve been in the business for over 30 years as consultants to high net worth companies and individuals with proven results.

With cyber crime escalating, projected to cost over $2 Trillion by 2019, it’s essential to have a safety plan and strong security protocols in place. The insurance industry alone took $400 billion in losses last year from cyber attacks. We can help you set up strong systems and address vulnerabilities within your existing frameworks to safeguard your company and assets from attack.

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About Us

Cyber Security Privacy offers intelligence-driven cyber and security solutions and expertise to companies and organizations worldwide. We act as your early warning system to safeguard and protect you from growing cyber threats.

Our Values

We care about our clients. We provide excellent service to the best of our abilities. We believe in honest, open collaboration and communication. We tell our clients upfront our concerns about their security systems to help them proactively address any vulnerabilities and safeguard their infrastructure and organizations for the long-term. We serve our clients with the highest standards. We value innovation, efficiency and honesty.

Our Clients

Our clients count on us to protect their operations and information from security threats from all over the world. This trust is based on our extensive proven expertise and a trust we earn every day. We keep clients informed every step of the way to ensure understanding and insight.


We care about our clients. We provide excellent service to the best of our abilities. We believe in honest, open collaboration and communication. We serve our clients with the highest standards.

How We Work Our Services

We offer variety of services from Security Design and Architecture, Security and Risk Consulting, Operations and Integration, Governance and Risk, Technical Testing, Staffing and Training.

  • Security Design & Architecture

    Define your priorities and strength your security by identifying vulnerabilities and designing architecture to safeguard critical assets.


  • Security & Risk Consulting

    Strengthen your security with reliable security assessments and by identifying security vulnerabilities and risks in your company.


  • Operations & Integration

    Building cyber security measures into your existing operations to safeguard from the onset by using strategy and technology.


  • Governance & Risk

    Determine security status and risks posed, implement best practices and bring your organization up to speed.


  • Technical Testing

    Strengthen your security throughout your organization, from applications to networks and teams.


  • Staffing

    Meeting your needs for professional cyber security support to maintain and safeguard your digital information and assets.


  • Training

    Collaborating with your organization to provide exceptional cyber security training and support for your team.


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